The Rosé is a dry crisp wine consisting of a blend of Cabernet Franc 32%, Cabernet Sauvignon 29% Merlot 25%, Shiraz 6%, Petit Verdot 5%, Malbec 3%.

In the production of the Red Wines we must sacrifice quantity for quality by running some juice off in order to increase skin contact to maximize concentration. The juice is then kept and made into a lovely Rosé.

Cabernet Franc 33%, Merlot 27%, Cabernet Sauvignon 21%, Shiraz 11%, Petit Verdot 4% and Malbec 4%

Tasting Notes:
Lively colours of salmon pink with a magenta hue. Fresh crushed raspberries on the nose with slight botanical notes on the edges. The palate is light and fruity and shows dried strawberries, pomegranate and a hint of blood orange. The finish is fresh with a zesty acidity and deeply layered textures.