Our Philosophy

Our winemaker, Anton Malan, treasures Rainbow’s End’s unique terroir. He has no desire to place our wines into a specific category of conventional wine style (such as Old World or New World styles). We treat each vintage year separately and make what the season and the specific terroir of a specific vineyard block offers. Every year we adapt our winemaking techniques slightly in order to ensure the best possible result irrespective of a particular style. We create a unique product and wine style annually – the best that the season can offer.

On Rainbow’s End we achieve consistency in terms of quality and not wine style.

We leave it to the consumer to form his opinion annually about a guaranteed quality product and therefore do not give detailed descriptions of our wine on the back labels as the product may vary each year in order to maintain optimum quality.

General Vinification

Jacques Malan and sons Anton and Francois form a dedicated family team striving to complement nature’s potential with traditional winemaking techniques and the latest advances in viticulture. All grapes are harvested by hand at dawn and bunches are sorted individually. Grape bunches are softly destemmed to obtain a relatively high percentage of whole berries.

Wine is mostly made from each clone separately. Cooling during fermentation takes place by utilising a natural mountain spring next to the barrel cellar. The must is cold macerated (soaked) for 3 days prior to fermentation to obtain optimal colour extraction. Open fermentation takes place between 24 & 28°C. The cap is plunged by hand 6-8 times per day during fermentation for maximum flavour extraction.

After fermentation the skins are thrown into a small basket press where it is lightly pressed. Malolactic fermentation takes place in the barrels. The wine gets racked after malolactic fermentation is complete and returned to French oak barrels where it is aged for at least 12 months. Sulphite additions are kept to a minimum. Thereafter bottling takes place without filtering or fining and natural deposits may therefore be found in the bottle. The result is a complex and balanced estate wine in a style unique to Rainbow’s End, with good ageing potential or can be enjoyed now.

Wine Label

The artist Marieke Kruger (daughter of Jacques & Ingrid Malan) is responsible for the artwork on our label. The label depicts Bullerskop, in the majestic Groot Drakenstein mountain range, one of the distinctive mountains on the farm Rainbow’s End. A rainbow can be seen against the mountain, another distinctive regular feature loaded with symbolism.